Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Siamese Twins: "We Fall Apart" + "Don't Forgive Lightly"

mp3: Siamese Twins: "We Fall Apart"
mp3: Siamese Twins: "Don't Forgive Lightly"

The Massachusetts/Chicago trio Siamese Twins have been on my radar for a minute; I believe I discovered them when Adam Whites (who runs Katorga Works and I Could Die Tomorrow) posted a track by the band on Facebook last year. I was intrigued by their name, naturally, and enjoyed how it had both dreamy and morbid connotations. Recently I returned to their self-released demo cassette (which you can download here) after attending the very inspiring Ladyfest weekend in Boston, where they performed. Here's what I wrote about Siamese Twins on Pitchfork:
Siamese Twins are a darkly-shaded Massachusetts dream pop trio who bring to mind early 4AD and Slumberland. "We Fall Apart" is a standout from their self-released demo cassette, living up to its very twee title with a mix of noisy, Black Tamb crunch and occasional bits of breathing guitar jangle, all pushed along by a quick beat and melodic 2-D vocal. It's by-the-books indie pop that's too well excuted to not garner repeat plays.

I have no idea if they plan on releasing music beyond the six songs on their demo. Also, speaking of Ladyfest, check out the 2012 sampler they put together in January.

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