Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 IN BOSTON: some bands & labels I am excited about

This list is not completely comprehensive but these are some bands and labels from the Boston area that I have been spinning lately on the airwaves. (Err, internet waves?) This semester I am DJing "Left of the Dial" on Wednesdays from 4-6pm. More info over at the Left of the Dial blog. Tune in tomorrow! ! !


My favorite local music as-of-late:

1. Breakfast of Champs Records
Quilt was one of my favorite local discoveries of 2009, so I naturally reached out to this label for more info when I read that they'd be releasing a Quilt 7" in February. The new Jamaica Plain label is also set to release records by Many Mansions, Truman Peyote, Turtle Ambulance and others. The first BOC comp is available to download for free at their site. It features 14 mp3s including one by Cloud Nothings, who recently opened for Alex Bleeker and the Freaks at Monster Island Basement in BK. Also-- Truman Peyote and Turtle Ambulance are playing a Haiti benefit show at the Middle East on Sunday!
MP3: Cloud Nothings - Crying Underwater
MP3: Turtle Ambulance - Cubierta

2. Golden Girls
I knew this band sounded familiar when I read their Forkcast in December. They're the same dudes who played in my neighbors basement in November! I've been spinning their demo regularly since they sent it to me last month. Super upbeat and catchy; super lo-fi, though they swear it's just because they're broke. This band is going to be on my radio show next Wednesday, Feb. 3rd. Tune in!!
MP3: Golden Girls - Amateur Teen Sex Attics
MP3: Golden Girls - Total Bummer

3. Prince Rama
Saturday night I went to the Whitehaus for the first time. The trip to JP always seemed really out of the way but it was totally worth it! Picked up their 7" after seeing them at Silent Barn last month, where they were so great that I promised myself I'd try to never miss one of their shows. They just moved to Brooklyn, so all of you guys who live down there should check 'em out.
MP3: Prince Rama - Sons of Bees

4. Girlfriends
This band's home-recorded cassette has been receiving some buzz around the local press/blogs. Totally justified; it rules! Straightforward vintage-sounding garage rock songs. They are playing at the Great Scott on Thursday.
MP3: Girlfriends - Bites and Scratches

OK I know I already mentioned this band and they were on my 2009 year-end list, but I just want to reiterate that they're pretty great. I've been continuously spinning their self-titled album from 2009 since September. Download these mp3s NOW!
MP3: Quilt - False Eto
MP3: Qult - Disco Music for Trees


Mike said...

girlfrinds was my fav outta those.

good stuff :o)

Becky said...

prince rama is fucking AWESOME!!!!!!! i saw them in GA a couple of times! genius!

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haha i'm so retarded i was like HEY I SHOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOR THE WTBU BLOG. and yr one step ahead of me. that rules tho!