Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Screaming Females cover "If It Makes You Happy" at Lorem Ipsum Books

At this point, Pellytwins Dot Blogspot Dot Com is basically a Don Giovanni Records fanzine, and we're pretty okay with that. (Though we swear a relaunch with more expansive posts and a print-zine counterpart are actually, in fact, in the works. #Official.)

Here is a video I snapped last night of Screaming Females covering Sheryl Crowe's epic jam, "If It Makes You Happy." Screamales also covered this at the annual Don Giovanni showcase this past weekend in Brooklyn -- an inspired event as always.

This video was shot at Lorem Ipsum Books, one of my favorite places in the Boston area these days. Lorem Ipsum is a true gem in Boston. Above-ground DIY show spaces are rare in this town and I feel very lucky to be helping put shows on there. I put on this show with the Dreamhouse show-booking collective, a new group that I am organizing shows with in Boston. We have a decidedly minimal (read: non-existent) Internet presence but if you are interested in booking a show with us try emailing dreamhousecollective at gmail.

I am excited to rip the audio and play it on my radio show at WZBC. OOh speaking of which -- my show there is called Echoes/Ephemera and it airs Thursdays 6-7pm. I play only demos, home recordings, and other lo-fi/rarities/self-releases/field recordings/etc. #selfpromo

This was the second night of a tour the Screamales are on now of all free shows in record shops. I guess they made an exception for Boston. Modern Hut and Parasol played too and they were great. Screaming Females continue their record shop tour tonight at Feeding Tube Records in Northampton. Check out all of the dates here.

See you whenever xx

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