Tuesday, October 26, 2010

College Radio and You: A real-life pocket zine

In September and October, two different student publications asked me to write articles about working in college radio. I included my personal thoughts as well as interviews with other college radio managers and DJs. Drawing from both articles, I assembled this tiny 1-page pocket zine, appropriately titled "College Radio and You: An explanation of college radio's unique cultural role in today's changing media landscape, and, a guide to listening to and connecting with radio stations in Boston and other places". I made 350 copies, and distributed about half of those at Homegrown II and CMJ. If you would like one, email lizpelly [at] gmail.com with your mailing address, and I will gladly send you one. If you already have one, email me your thoughts-- they could appear in the next installment! Collegeradioforever.

MP3: The Replacements - Left of the Dial

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