Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthdays chilled at WTBU, played at O'briens, etc.

I first heard of Boston's Birthdays from my friend Lou, then my friend Diana, then my friend Mike. They all said things like 'Birthdays is awesome' and 'do you know Birthdays?' and 'he is such a chill dude' and 'you should have him play on the radio'. A couple of weeks ago I finally responded to an email and said, 'Hey Birthdays, want to play on my show?' and he said 'hell yeah let's hang out! psyched on life!'

Birthdays - Live set on WTBU's 'Left of the Dial' by leftofthedialboston

Two Fridays ago, after a four-hour Bolt Bus ride from NYC — where he'd just played Shea Stadium with Woodsman, La Big Vic, Run dmt — Birthdays (a.k.a. Sam Yaegar) jetted straight from South Station to WTBU to play live on Left of the Dial. Three days later, he played O'briens in Allston with PPALMM. MP3 of the in-studio is above; video from O'briens is below.

Birthdays is associated with the FMLY collective, so it makes sense that he is not only an extremely friendly, sprightly, positive dude, but also very busy, productive, psyched on life, etc. This fall, he has already toured the West Coast for six weeks with Vacation Dad, gone on an East Coast mini-tour with Weekends, and played at last week's CMJ/Impose fest in Brooklyn.

Birthdays also did a Nitetrotter session and has a tape out on Impose.

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