Friday, June 18, 2010

Big in 2k10: Sweet Bulbs

RIYL: Cocteau Twins, Black Tambourine, Jesus and Mary Chain

mp3: Sweet Bulbs - "Springstung"
mp3: Sweet Bulbs - "Dilated Sleep"
mp3: Sweet Bulbs - "Kissing Clouds"

It's rare that I play a track on the New Afternoon Show that sparks as much interest as one I played yesterday. The track was "Springstung" from Brooklyn's Sweet Bulbs, who make dark and extremely catchy Cocteau Twins-inspired noisepop, or gothwave.

The songs are very 80s and lo-fi, with a lot of texture and fun titles; shoegaze-style with reverby guitars, decisively finished with singer Inna's dark, dreamy vocals. (Also noteworthy: the male-female vox on "Kissing Clouds," above.) Their debut long-player, Cybergaze — at once moody and sharp — drops soon via an undetermined label, and will be sure to grab recent fans of Big Troubles, the Bitters and Veronica Falls. This will make you want to light some candles and dance around during a time when college radio still created bands like this.

Sweet Bulbs includes former members of hardcore noise-makers Michael Jordan — who, aesthetically, they couldn't be further from. The band formed in November when guitarist Mike (of Michael Jordan) decided to put a band together for a show at Silent Barn with Weed Hounds and Coasting, rather than play solo as planned. Vocalist Inna and drummer Ray (of Le Rug) joined and fell in love, followed by 17-year old bassist Jack. Their future plans are to quit their jobs and play more around New York.


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