Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Listen to Teenage Cool Kids "Denton After Sunset"

Teenage Cool Kids are Denton, Texas trio who formed in 2006, and have since released three LPs of smart, 90s-inspired indie rock. The first song of their most recent release, "Denton After Sunset" from Denton After Sunset, is the track that initially hooked me about a year ago. (I've been continuously coming back to that 2k11 release ever since.)

"As I grew older, I became / acquainted with my own identity / It's pretty boring but assuring, once / you know what not to be," sings Andrew Savage, quick and monotone over distorted guitars that -- in place of any sort of hook or chorus -- get noisier between the verses. (Stream it above.)

With roots in Texas punk, they're the sort of decidedly do-it-yourself band that appears on If You Make It's Pink Couch Sessions(video below) and do all booking and recording themselves. The singer of the band is now the singer of Brooklyn's Fergus & Geronimo. Hopefully that doesn't mean he's done with this band? I have no idea though.

Teenage Cool Kids - Landlocked State from If You Make It on Vimeo.

Here is a full stream of Denton After Sunset:

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Joe said...

teenage cool kids will make you wonder if they're dead for like 10-14 months at a time and then come back with a tour and a new song. drives me crazy, my emotions can't handle it. the parquet courts record andrew savage did this year is worth a check out as well.