Friday, September 16, 2011

Check Out This Sick Pop-Punk Comp to Benefit Planned Parenthood

On October 4th, the Gainsville, FL punk label Paper + Plastick will release Are You With the Band?, a stacked pop-punk compilation of female-fronted artists to benefit Planned Parenthood. Curated by Lauren Denitzio, formerly of The Measure SA, it includes previously unreleased tracks from two of the best bands we've featured on this blog: Noun (Marissa of Screaming Females), and Brooklyn's Shellshag. Not to mention Cheeky, Little Lungs, Slingshot Dakota, P.S. Eliot and more. It's kind of like a who's-who of the Microcosm-fueled DIY pop-punk/indie scene, and will be available digitally and on 12" vinyl with a large-format, full-color art booklet. Other pockets of contemporary DIY could do well taking a page out of this scene's book; we're hard-pressed to recall other recent projects with such positive and proactive social agendas.

Track listing:
1. Aye Nako – Bent Out Of Shape *
2. Cheeky – Two Face
3. Black Rainbow – Make Amends *
4. Dead Dog – Couch *
5. Sourpatch – Things You Say *
6. Little Lungs – Things Fall Apart
7. Slingshot Dakota – Michael Jordan Saved My Life
8. The Measure – Stop Calling *
9. The New Dress – Hey Kid *
10. No More – Flatland *
11. Noun – TV Shows *
12. The Two Funerals – Too Late *
13. Shellshag – Crybaby *
14. The Homewreckers – Uncontrolable Decay *
15. P.S. Eliot – Entendre *
16. WITCHES – Grey
*Previously unreleased

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