Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finals Mix for Liz Pelly

Once a dreaded time period, I have, as a senior, come to enjoy Finals Week. My attention is always fragmented during the semester, but during Finals, I have no excuse to not engage fully with (and enjoy) my Lit coursework. I thrive amid the chaos. Swimming out into the abyss of the all-nighter, I always cross pools of creativity and productive procrastination. ALSO: I make tons of playlists! I should have been rereading Mrs. Dalloway and Wuthering Heights last week, but I made this mixtape for Liz Pelly instead. Hope you enjoy it, Internet. Finals end Tuesday.

1. Henry's Dress - Target Practice
Early Slumberland with a pop-punk punch.

2. Spiritualized - Anyway That You Want Me
Troggs cover and first recording they released.

3. Bratmobile - Cheap Trick Record
H8 boys.

4. The Magnetic Fields - Reno Dakota
One of my faves from 69 Love Songs.

5. Zola Jesus - Poor Animal
She's come a long way since I saw her perform curled up on The Silent Barn's kitchen floor in '09.

6. Kanye West - All of the Lights
He's not gone too far since I saw him at Bowery last month.

7. Brian Eno - King's Lead Hat
The new record on Warp has been getting some heavy air-play on my radio show, but (thnx to Dan K.) I've been going back to Eno's '70s stuff.

8. Eric. B & Rakim - Eric B. Is On The Cut
First heard Paid in Full during Finals Week 2008, while researching a paper on SPIN's history. This was the highlight of my DJ set last week at the Showpaper Gallery.

9. The American Short Story - All I Really Want to Do
This is Mike from Sweet Bulbs, who played this track at 171 Lombary in October. I enjoy the Dylan allusion here.

10. Sharon Van Etten - Love More
Fave release from this wonderful label I profiled a few months ago.

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