Friday, May 21, 2010

Important: Listen to the Whitehaus Family Record Family Record

***Hey guys this is really important***

The other day when I was cleaning my overwhelming, messy walk-in closet, I found this list of tracks, played last semester when some representatives of the Whitehaus Family Record (a Boston-based artist collective/house/label) came to guest DJ at WTBU. I meant to post this list of artists in December, right after they visited the station, but then life happened and somehow it ended up in a pile of papers at the back of my closet for months, underneath a tote bag full of yarn.

I 110% endorse checking out all of the artists listed above, several of whom I have mentioned here before. More specifically, I totally recommend heading over to Bandcamp and checking out the Whitehaus Family Record Family Record, which is an epic 27-track double-vinyl compilation of Whitehaus artists. (You can stream the whole thing for free!) Lastly, I 210% endorse getting to one of their shows in either in Boston or NYC sometime really soon.

***Summary after the jump***

Listen to these songs!
<a href="">Feathers by The Whitehaus Family Record</a>

Go to these shows!
5/25/10 @ Whitehaus - Prince Rama of Ayodhya, Amen Dunes, Paul Metzger, Sacred Harp
5/28/10 @ Hallway Gallery in JP - Elfin Sadle, The Points North, Peace, Loving
5/31/10 @ Monster Island Basement in BKland - the Needy Visions, K Holes, Mmoss, Dick Heaven

Check out their website!

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