Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weed Hounds Played WNYU, Ruled ((++Playing Silent Barn on Thursday.))

On Monday, Weed Hounds came to WNYU to play on The New Afternoon Show. Probably my favorite in studio since I started hosting NAS in September. They sounded incredible and even hung out afterward to talk about the Internet, future 7-inches on a Canadian label, and our shared hometown of Massapequa. ((All members of the band are from Long Island, just like us.))

Here's what I said about the band in the WNYU weekly update:

WEED HOUNDS are a New York-based four-piece specializing in melodic, shoegaze-tinged dream pop. Their first demo was recorded to cassette and released on Austin's Crooked Direction Records, earning them comparisons to early My Bloody Valentine, Pixies and The Swirlies. All members are originally from Long Island and attend college in NYC. Weed Hounds are about to drop two 7-inches via Canada's National Archive of Records, and another via Long Island's Rok Lok Records in January. They play Silent Barn on December 10th.

Stream WEED HOUNDS' live set here: ((CLICK))

Stream WEED HOUNDS' interview here: ((CLICK))

Download WEED HOUNDS' interview here: ((CLICK))

You can still download their demo for free at I Could Die Tomorrow: ((CLICK))

Be sure to catch the band at Silent Barn this Thursday — details on how to get in for free here — and get ready to hear a lot more 'bout these kids in 2010.

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