Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Great Valley "Dream Phone"

My first memory of this band is in a mostly empty Denton, TX bar & grill type place at 2 in the morning sitting around with Quilt. Both bands had played in the basement of pizza shop down the block earlier. We didn't know anyone in Denton but met some guy there who said we could all stay at his house. He was on a date though and wanted to go to this bar & grill for a drink with this girl before going home. We all sat on the other side of the restaurant and left them alone. Eventually he just gave us his address and said the door was open. An hour later it's 3 am and we are creeping around a stranger's living room where no one is home with little idea if we're even at the right house. It was the nicest place we stayed on that whole tour. I might be confusing some of the details of this story because it is all sort of fuzzy to me now.

That was 2011, and The Great Valley already seemed like prolific weird-pop artists of sorts, with an assortment of releases at the time: two full-length tapes, a vinyl record, a split with Prince Rama. They come from Brattleboro, VT along with the likes of Happy Jawbone Family Band, Blanche Blanche Blanche (Zach Phillips contributes keyboards to the track below), Chris Weisman, Son of Salami, and more. Members of The Great Valley also run the excellent Spooky Town label, which released the first Quilt tape as well as various Brattleboro artists. The band's most recent recordings are their best yet though. Their next LP Continental Lunch is due out on the excellent Feeding Tube Records of Northampton, MA in February. Stream the first track below. Their record release show is February 1st with Happy Jawbone Family Band, Ronnie Nordac, and Akroyd at the Video Underground in Jamaica Plain

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