Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jordan Michael's 12/21 End of the World Show Flyer is a Work of Art

Friday, December 21* marks the end of the Mayan Calendar and the end of the world. To mark the occasion, Jordan Michael has organized yet another inspired lineup at Shea Stadium (I hear Dada Trash Collage are good!), and he is promoting it with the masterpiece, above, designed by himself and Rob Chabebe. This flyer is a work of art. (Click to enlarge.)

I had to get some commentary from Jordan. Here's what he said:

The best logo is Prince, and Star Wars. 
I spend a lot of time trying to think about how promoting shows is in itself a creative endeavor. And branding is a weird thing that I think a lot about. Do you remember when that guy did the free-fall from outerspace? His entire thing was sponsored by Red Bull, and the entire time they kept talking about how likely it was that he would die. This really sick part of me wanted this incredibly high-profile stunt to end horribly and have this pulpy corpse on the ground that was proudly sponsored by Red Bull. 
I mean, obviously I didn't want the guy to die, but I think a lot about how sponsorships have gotten so out of control that if anyone wants to make any money they need to make their art serve a secondary purpose as a commercial endeavor for a totally unrelated party. I see so many things-- sponsored shows specifically-- that are so heavily saturated with corporate presence that I can't enjoy the music because I feel like I'm living in a commercial. 
I'm not some totally anti-capitalist anarchist that wants all sponsorship gone, it's just a funny joke. If someone wants money they almost have no choice but to take money from corporate sponsors. But a lot of times I feel like music is now post-apocalyptic because everyone is making it in the shadow of this huge music industry that hit the ceiling and crumbled and is never coming back. If we ever get to the part when Mr. Clean is sponsoring experimental rock acts to play the end of the world, then I'll be incredibly sad/legitimately happy. 
Well there you have it. Nothing is free.

* 12/21 is also our little sister Marissa Pelly's 19th birthday so I hope the world doesn't actually end. Shouts out Rissy P. we're so proud of you

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