Friday, August 3, 2012

I hosted Crucial Chaos on WNYU

I can't recall how I first heard of Crucial Chaos, the long-running punk, hardcore, and noise program on WNYU, but it was early on enough that when I first read Our Band Could Be Your Life in the ninth grade, I thought it was radical that Azerrad made mention of the show. And since then I have dreamt of hosting this show in a pretty honest way.

Last night I made a return to WNYU to fill-in on Crucial Chaos. If interested you can take a listen to the archive, here. I can never help focusing on new releases (and relatively new ones) within the context of college radio, so many of these songs are culled from albums released within the past few years. Some personal favorites included White Lung and Lower, both of whom I've written about for Pitchfork; Honeysuck and Curmudgeon, both of whom Liz has written about for the Phoenix; and Sexdrome (Copenhagen), Warthog (ex-The Men), Slug Guts (Sacred Bones), Plastic Cross (Don Giovanni).

Playlist here.

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