Sunday, August 5, 2012

I have a new radio show, Xerox Girls

It's on Newtown Radio and it's called Xerox Girls and my co-DJ is Pier Harrisson. Here's the first playlist, updated live ...

01 Siamese Twin: "Don't Forgive Lightly
02 Zola Jesus: "Soeur Sewer"
03 Half Japanese: "Calling All Girls"
04 Alice Cohen: "Cascading Keys"

05 White Lung: "Bag"
06 La La Vasquez: "Hello"
07 Blanche Blanche Blanche: "With or Without You"
08 She: "Outta Reach"
09 Sad Boys: "Cortex Vortex"
10 Pygmy Shrews: "Catheter"

11 The Bitters: "I'm Feeling Good"
12 Brilliant Colors: "Short Sleeves at Night"
13 Mount Eerie: "(something)"
14 Swearin': "Kenosha"
15 Shellshag: "Resilient Bastard"
16 Belgrado: "Clockwise"
17 K-Holes: "Night Shifter"
18 Slant 6: "What Kind of Monster Are You"

19 Sister Ola Mae Terrel: "Life is a Problem"
20 The Bags: "We Don't Need the English"
21 Free Kitten: "Surfs Up"
22 Henry's Dress: "Target Practice"
23 Honeysuck: "No Hope"
24 Effi Briest: "Phoenix"
25 Weed Hounds: "Hard Drivin"
26 Grass Widow: "Whistling in the Dark"

27 Peaking Lights: "Wedding Song"
28 JAMC: "Perfume" [ft. Hope Sandoval]
29 HNY: "Dead in a Year"
30 Ela Orleans: "Night Wars"
31 Grouper: "You Never Came"

32 God is My Co-Pilot: "Anatomically Correct"
33 Kathleen Hanna: "I Wish I Was Him"

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