Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop the Presses: Hilly Eye Joins Don Giovanni, Announces LP and 7"

Art by Debbie Allen

The perennially awesome New Brunswick label Don Giovanni has confirmed they'll issue the debut LP from Hilly Eye, a post-Riot Grrrl two-piece fronted by Amy Klein (ex-Titus Andronicus). The record will be out in July, with a preceding 7" single, "Jacob's Ladder" b/w "Almanac".

Amy and drummer Catherine Tung are currently recording the album at Brooklyn's Seaside Lounge with friend and fellow Permanent Wave comrade Danielle DePalma. (Who, as you may know, is also the bassist for Amy Klein and the Blue Star Band.)

"Our influences are wide-reaching, but all of them are noisy," Catherine notes. The song "Double Dutch'", for example, "harnesses a Lightning Bolt-like energy," while one of the band's new songs draws a fair amount of influence from the Japanese noise group Nisennenmondai. "We often look to Sonic Youth in our songs that experiment with dissonance and tonality," Catherine says. "Our free-noise moments remind me a lot of earlier Boredoms."

In other Don Giovanni news, the label just announced that the new Screaming Females LP, Ugly, will be out April 3. It's preceded by the "It All Means Nothing" 7", which the band performed in this cute NPR Tiny Desk Concert. Ugly was recorded by Steve Albini, much like the new Cloud Nothings album. While Screamales, Cloudy No's, and Hilly Eye have not yet announced a national tour of basements and DIY spaces, and maybe they won't ever, we would very much like them to, thnx.

Watch a video of Hilly Eye playing a "Pellytwins Presents" showcase that Liz booked in Boston in October:

Words by Jenn & Liz

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