Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pavement and YYYs Make Wednesday Night Epic

Last night, Pavement played through rain, thunder and lightening for a sold-out crowd at Central Park, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs played for a crowd of 150 at Secret Project Robot. Wouldn't have believed any of this for a second last summer, which is the last time we saw Yeah Yeah Yeahs — at Lollapalooza's main stage.

Evidence (via pics and videos from both shows) after the jump.

I arrived at Pavement around 4:45 and the line was surprisingly very short. In the front row we befriended a 16-year old dude from Madison, Wisconsin who had just flown in for the show Wednesday morning.

The rain was an incredible addition. My only complaint is that the band didn't play "Frontwards" which they've been playing at other shows.

"Summer Babe (Winter Version)"

More Pavement videos here.

Then, after Pavement, I made the dramatic generational leap to Williamsburg for Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Secret Project Robot, and was able to catch the band's last four songs - "Maps," "Y Control," "Modern Romance," and "Heads Will Roll."

Not sure that these were actually accurate, but here are pics of the setlist:


"Y Control"

"Modern Romance"

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